The Clock - Biological Age Test

Ageing is cell damage and this damage can now be measured. Find your rate of ageing with our saliva-based DNA methylation lab test and start bringing down your biological age.

  • gain insights into your cellular health by finding out your biological age

  • track the impact of anti-ageing therapies

  • analysis by an independent Silicon Valley-based lab



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Find out how old you really are.

The Clock (1 test)


take one test for a baseline measurement
1 test kit

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The Clock (2 tests)

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take 2 tests 3-6 months apart to track progress
2 test kits

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Feel free to order a single test, but we recommend taking two tests. Take the first test now and the second one 3-6 months later to set a baseline and then track your progress.

Check out our bundles for more discounts.


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The return of your saliva sample to our lab in the US is at your own cost.


We accept all major credit & debit cards, Paypal and Apple Pay.

Payments are taken in US dollars.

Duties & Taxes

Customers from the US shop tax and duty free with us.

Note that you might be charged import duties and/or taxes upon receiving your shipment if ordering from other countries.

  • Biological age

    As we age, our cells get damaged. This eventually leads to minor and major health issues. Not everybody ages at the same rate. Your body’s true age might differ from the age in your passport, depending on your cellular health.

  • Cellular health

    Cells get damaged through factors like environment, lifestyle, nutrition, illness, and genetics. By comparing your biological age to your chronological age, you can assess how healthy your body currently is.

  • Tracking

    Biological age can actually be brought down with supplements and lifestyle changes. Do 2 biological age tests 3-6 months apart to start measuring the effects of your longevity therapies.

  • The lab

    Our independent partner TruMe Labs from California analyses your so-called DNA methylation levels to measure the damage to your cells and then calculates your biological age.


What our customers say.

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This is how it works.


Register. Return. Receive. You will receive your test results within 3-4 weeks after sending your sample to us.

  • Just some spit

    Our test is non-evasive. We don’t use needles. We just need you to send us a bit of saliva in a test kit.

  • Home test

    You can do the test from the comfort of your own home. We only require you to send your sample to us.

  • Independent lab

    We work with an independent and accredited laboratory that calculates your biological age. Your data is safe and we - For Youth - will not know your test results, unless you want to.

This is what’s in the kit.

  1. Protective sachet (with test strip inside)

  2. Test strip with barcode

  3. Protective return sachet

  4. The Clock user guide

  5. Return envelope

How is biological age measured?

Genetics tells you what genes you have. Your epigenetics are the on/off buttons that define what genes are active. Turning on genes goes via a process called DNA methylation.

As you age, DNA methylation levels change. We look whether these “buttons” on top of your DNA are still in the right place. We then compare your situation to a big database to calculate your body’s true age.

You can lower your biological age.

  • The Base - NMN and The Grape - Resveratrol together target all 9 Hallmarks of Ageing. Taking longevity supplements will have a big impact on your cellular health and thus your biological age.

  • What we eat, how we lead our lives and our environment also impact your cellular health. Read more about what lifestyle changes are important.

dr. Yelena Budovskaya

co-founder TruMe Inc.

“My personal motivation is to reach my golden years still climbing the highest mountains, dancing at rock concerts and just enjoying life to the fullest.

At TruMe we have created the most accurate, least invasive and affordable biological age test on the market today. We are partnering together with For Youth to enable people to take control of their rate of ageing and thus indeed helping them enjoy life to the fullest in excellent health.”

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is "biological age"?

Your biological age, as opposed to your chronological age, is the age your body resembles or functions at. It can be calculated by measuring chemical changes to the regulators of your DNA that are correlated with getting older.

We all have family members, friends and colleagues who do not look their age. Some people look a lot older than the age on their passports, others a lot younger. Scientists have now found a way to measure the actual rate of ageing and how old your physical body really is.

+ Why does biological age matter?

There is good evidence that ageing is the number one risk factor for nearly all major diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Ageing, on the other hand, also causes minor issues, like wrinkles or lower energy levels.

Your biological age can be influenced with lifestyle changes, longevity supplements and other therapies. By knowing your biological age, you can assess the sense of urgency and start bringing the number down.

+ How is my biological age tested?

The Clock is a saliva-based epigenetic test that looks at the level of DNA methylation. The results are compared to averages and then expressed as your biological age. There may be a lot to understand, so let's take a look at what that actually means.

  • Saliva: we analyse your spit
  • Epigenetics: the on and off buttons of your genes
  • DNA methylation: the adding and removal of chemical tags that turn genes on and off
  • Biological age: the age your body functions add, calculated by looking at the average level of DNA methylation of your peers

+ What's the science behind this test?

The science behind this test is based on recent advances made in the field of epigenetics, inspired by the work of Steve Horvath. Epigenetics is the study of how the body adds and removes chemical tags to our DNA (a process called DNA methylation), to turn specific genes on or off. Throughout life, the positioning of these tags will change to allow for growth, development, and learning. Epigenetic tags can also be influenced by what we eat, how we lead our lives, and the environment in which we live. For example, stress can cause a cell to adjust its epigenetic tags. While this may help the cell adapt in the short term, in the long run, it can contribute to disease and ageing. Fortunately, epigenetic tagging is reversible, and if we can learn to control it, we will be able to develop novel approaches to improve health and quality of life for all of us.

+ What type of information does the report contain?

  1. Your biological age
  2. Insights on how you can lower your rate of ageing
  3. The science behind the test

+ How fast will I get the results?

You will get the result within 3-4 weeks. You will have to return your saliva sample to us. Your saliva sample will be analysed by our partner’s lab in California, US. You will receive an email when your test results are available.

+ How safe is my data?

We are working with an independent partner in the US that will analyse your saliva sample in their labs. For Youth does not receive the final results of your biological age test.

TruMe Labs, our partner, only analyses your epigenome, does not analyse your DNA, destroys your sample after testing and does not sell your data to third parties.